Choosing a font for your flyer or brochure is a delicate process since the wrong choice can decrease the effectiveness of your marketing material. The best fonts for flyers combine readability and attractiveness in equal measures for an eye-catching result. Although new fonts are constantly being created, sticking to the most readable fonts that still work well with the theme and design of your project is the key to a successful flyer or brochure. Whether you like to stick with a sans font or prefer a sans serif, you can’t go wrong with one of these font options.


The Futura series of fonts have been around for decades but remains in popular use for business purposes. In spite of its historical use, Futura has still considered a modern-look sans serif font with widespread capabilities. Specifically, the Futura Round series is perfect for presentations and brochures due to the clean, easily readable look. Futura is considered to be a classic and professional font for nearly any marketing material since it is clearly visible when bolded for signage but still subtle and light for smaller print items.


The Visby collection of fonts is a popular choice for designers who want a variety in their presentation without switching between different font choices. Round is a smooth, soft, and round option that, when bolded, makes for an excellent headline. The soft look makes for attractive readability that grabs your attention without an overtly bold look. Another bold choice is the Visby CF option, which is a geometric sans font with the perfect look for signs and flyers. All Visby fonts have multiple weight options, so you can choose which one looks best for your current project, whether it’s a small brochure or a large flyer.


Thin and soft but still impactful, the Venti family of fonts uses a rounded, clean format to make your marketing project pop. Multiple weights are available for use on your flyer, brochure, or other marketing materials. The clean and modern design of the Venti font makes it an ideal choice for logo design and project headlines. If your project is in need of a sans serif font with small caps and font size variation in the design, Venti may be your best choice.


Perhaps the easiest font to read on the list, the Origin font is based on Swiss design and is a popular choice for its extreme readability and sleek, professional look. If your goal is a workhorse sans serif typeface that can be used in nearly any marketing situation, Origin may be the right choice for you. Flyers and brochures made with the Origin font are clean, modern, and professional. Origin pairs well with other fonts if you want to mix up your design and also includes web fonts in the package for web use.


Although many designers prefer the look of a sans serif font for business use, a beautiful serif option like Venice Serif is both highly functional and modern. Venice is an ideal font for business owners who prefer a serif font and want the end product to look classic and modern at the same time. Use the web-optimized version for online marketing and advertising.

Flyer and Brochure Design

If you want to promote your business with printed materials and need help with the design process, try working with a printing company that has the option of templates for you to browse through. has a variety of templates for flyers and brochures. If you have an idea in mind, the design team can help you see it through and have your printed materials back to you with a fast turnaround time.

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Joey Chung