Creative Business Card Ideas Can Help Your Business Stand Out From the Crowd.

The competition between businesses in most industries can be fierce, which is why it’s important to find ways to make your company stand out from the rest. When traveling to industry events, meeting with potential clients, or just chatting with new people on the go, one of the easiest ways to market your business is by handing out business cards. Business cards can make an impact that lasts long after the initial conversation or meeting has ended, so investing in a high-quality and interesting option can be a smart move. Consider adding something surprising to your next business card design so your first impression can be one that keeps on giving. 

  • Change up the shape of your card from the traditional rectangle. 
  • Consider the surprising use of color or texture in your design. 
  • Cards with unique functionality can make a memorable impression. 

Surprising Shapes

One trend that has become more mainstream in recent years is the transition away from the standard rectangle shape of business cards to more unique designs. Although some people still store business cards in holders with rectangular card slots, more unique shapes can often still fit within the same borders. Creating business cards in an unexpected shape can be just enough to get your business to stand out from the rest of the group. 

Circles and Round Cards

Circle or oval-shaped cards both soften the look of a traditional business card. These are especially effective for those in a creative or artistic field because you can combine a simple logo and design with an unexpected shape to grab attention. Circle cards are even more 

effective if the shape echoes some aspect of the company itself, such as tires, cookies, bubblegum, rings or even baseballs, soccer balls, golf balls, or other sports-related items. 

Photographers have been known to use circle cards to mimic the look of a camera lens. With a little creative inspiration, you can make the shape of the card work for you. 

Squares With Round or Squared Edges

Like circle cards, square cards that mimic the shape of an item related to your industry can make a strong artistic impact. Just the slight difference in size between a traditional rectangle card and a square one can be enough to draw the recipient’s eye to your logo. For a softer look, round the edges of your square business card. The symmetry of a square can be appealing to many people because it is pleasing to the eye. Play up the symmetry by balancing your logo, graphic, and other features on the card during the design process. Square cards have become popular for business owners who want to include a QR code on the back. 

Other Unique Shapes

Although unique shapes are gaining in popularity, they are still enough of an anomaly to gain the repeat attention of the recipient. In addition to square or round cards, keeping the basic rectangular shape but altering the shape of the edges is also an effective and eye-catching design. Edges that are beveled, leaf-shaped, or half-circled are all good choices. The most uniquely shaped designs are those that are completely custom, typically in the shape of the product or service your company provides. 

Eye-Catching Color

Although using a unique shape for your business card can be a great way to draw attention from potential clients or customers, there are other ways to make a lasting impact. The use of color in graphic design has always been known as a useful tool, and business cards are no exception. There are several ways to use color to your advantage. Bright colors that are not usually seen

on cards can stand out in a pile, but so can solid neutrals with high contrast, such as navy and white. Trends in decorating and fashion can carry over into business card design, so picture your logo with an ombre or neon design.

If you choose to keep the majority of the design neutral, try a bright or contrasting border or back of the card for added effect. Some card designs include a painted edge for an added 

surprise. The use of patterns can also make an impact on how well the recipient remembers your card. A pattern on the back of the card saves the prime real estate on the card front for your logo, tagline, and information while still adding something extra to your design. 

Unique Textures

Business cards that appeal to multiple senses can lead to longer-lasting impressions. The shape or color of your cards can be visually appealing, but a lesser-utilized unique business card design idea is to appeal to the sense of touch. There are several different ways to add texture to your cards, all of which lead to more creative business card designs. Some of the more common textures include letterpress or embossed lettering. This type of texture is either pressed into the card or raised up from the surface with a glossy, smooth feel. 

Foil, whether gold, silver, or another metallic, has become increasingly popular for texture and shine that grab attention. Although uncommon, some business owners choose plastic cards that 

have the same feel as a credit card. Recycled cards often have a natural linen texture that is slightly rough, rippled, or woven. Extra-thick business cards are less likely to bend or tear at the edges. Depending on the feel you prefer, your cards can be finished with a matte or glossy coating. Some of the most creative business cards in the design world combine unique textures with unexpected color choices, providing an appealing and eye-catching result. 

Functional and Fun

Thinking outside the box for your business cards is an excellent marketing tool. This could mean your business card design includes interesting shapes, colors, or textures, but it could also mean that you go a step beyond and create a functional and fun idea. Business cards that double as functional pieces are a great way to make a memorable impression. An example of a 

functional business card is one that doubles as a merchandise tag or even a holiday ornament. Cards could include ruler measurements, fold into 3-D objects, or double as coasters. If you have a design inspiration, see if a custom card can be created or if a similar design already exists. 

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