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While shopping for business cards online, you may not realize how easy it can be nowadays. Everything from ordering to designing is all done right in your browser. No longer will you need to hire a designer to design your cards or call for pricing.

Customers can now design their business cards, choose their quantities, select options and get pricing all online before having them shipped to their place or business. They can do this 24/7 without the need to speak to a representative to place your order as you did in the past.

Other popular products such as NCR Forms, Calendars, and Stickers can be ordered online as well, without leaving the comfort of their home or office.

The Importance & the Process of a Business Card

A business card serves as a reminder of an interaction that has taken place. Information such as your logo, contact info, and branding will be displayed on your card. Having a nicely designed business card leaves a great first impression and, in most cases, guarantees a follow-up to your interaction.

Back in the day, many business cards used to be printed on white paper-stock with plain black text. However, the combination of a simple appearance and the added detail provided by a printing press was a desirable sign of professionalism.

Many technological advancements in the late twentieth century influenced graphic design significantly. Rather than the traditional black and white style, business cards nowadays frequently include two or more eye-catching visual elements.

UV Coating is a very popular visual element in today’s world; it provides an additional layer of protection against the elements. If you like that glossy and shiny look, then UV coating is the choice for you. You can also get creative and choose only certain elements of your design to have UV coating applied to it. This is a process known as Spot UV.

Sometimes, digital printers are used to create business cards online. These printers have undergone significant improvements through the years, reducing the time and effort required to print an entire page of business cards in a matter of seconds.

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