Whether you’re celebrating your mom, stepmom, or any other maternal figure in your life, Mother’s Day can leave you seriously stumped when it comes to gift ideas. But if your Mom is anything like the ones we know, she has an extra-special spot in her heart for personalized gifts created with her in mind.

We’ve put together a guide that covers our favorite Mother’s Day gift ideas, featuring a fabulous assortment of easy-to-customize options that will make your favorite mom feel loved and appreciated. From kid-friendly crafts for Mother’s Day gifts to romantic tokens of your love for your spouse, here are all the ideas you need to make this Mother’s Day memorable.

Customized and Creative Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Make the mom in your life smile – and maybe even shed a few tears of joy – with one of these unique gift ideas for Mother’s Day this year.

An acrylic or canvas print of a beloved family photo

Turn a treasured memory into a work of art with a custom acrylic or mounted canvas print that Mom can hang up and enjoy for years to come. These prints take a traditional framed photograph and elevate it to a new level, making a statement in virtually any space. With a wide range of sizes to choose from, you can create an option that will fit your mother’s décor style, space size, and more. 

Not sure what photo to pick for the personalized canvas or acrylic print? You could select a group photo of the entire family or maybe a favorite moment from a family vacation or holiday. Or, for the mom that’s also a grandma, consider a series of prints that each feature a portrait of a grandchild.

A precious “presentation” from the kids or grandkids

For families that have children in elementary, middle, and high school, reports and presentations are commonplace – but what if you put a sweet spin on the idea and turned it into a Mother’s Day event? Imagine the smile on her face when she’s presented with a child-led speech centered on all the things that make her so special, complete with a personalized folder filled with drawings, photographs, and letters. 

Stickers that show off how amazing she is

For the mom that loves to customize her everyday gear, including her laptop, water bottle, and everything else in between, personalized stickers are a fun gift idea. Print stickers with meaningful quotes about motherhood, her signature sayings, or even silly photos of the family. You can even go big with a bumper sticker, custom-printed just for her!

A poster that puts her best qualities on display

If you’re going to be hosting a Mother’s Day party, you’ll need to decorate – and with a large custom poster printed for mom, you can make sure she’s the star of the show. Whether you have a way with words or prefer photos, a personalized poster is a wonderful way to show her some extra love on her special day. Some ideas for decorating for Mother’s Day with a custom-printed poster include a photo collage of her most meaningful “mom moments.” Think of compiling a list of the qualities that make her special to you, or even a faux movie poster for an action flick featuring your Supermom!

An outdoor banner to welcome her to the celebration

Truly “wow” your mom before she even walks in the door – and make sure everyone knows just amazing she really is – with a huge outdoor banner customized for Mother’s Day. With different sizes to fit your front door, porch, or any venue, personalized banners can start the festivities on a sweet note. Your banner can say whatever you’d like, such as “Happy Mother’s Day,” “We love you, Mom!” or anything else you can think of.

A custom calendar that celebrates her all year long

Turn a practical present into something much more when you create a personalized calendar for Mother’s Day. There are so many calendar ideas for Mother’s Day, so you can easily find inspiration to suit your style: take themed photos of the kids to fit every month, help younger children create handprint art for each page, or fill the calendar with photographs from years gone by. Whatever you choose, she will love having something to enjoy every single day for the entire year.

A beautifully bound book or custom “catalog” 

Publish your love for mom in a professionally printed book filled with photos, drawings, letters, and other mementos of motherhood. Custom books for mom are an amazing addition to her collection, kept within easy reach for whenever she’s feeling sentimental. Get the whole family involved by asking everyone to contribute a page, and it will be one of the best gifts she’s ever been given.

Or, tickle her sense of humor with a customized catalog or booklet filled with fun family stories collected from everyone who loves her. Everyone can get together (in person or virtually) to share the stories and laugh together, making for a memorable experience that will go down in family history.

Get creative with a custom gift that’s uniquely you

If none of our gift ideas for moms is quite what you’re looking for, why not make something that’s entirely your own? Print a series of “coupons” for mom that she can use for a special spa day, a day off from her usual routine, or even a weekend getaway with friends. Or, let the kids work together to draw a family portrait, then have it printed and framed. If you can think of it, we can make it!

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