What you’ll learn:

  • Face masks are an effective way to reduce the spread of airborne pathogens such as the coronavirus.
  • Providing PPE free of charge is an excellent way for companies to promote public health.
  • Placing your business’s logo on reusable face masks is an effective marketing strategy, as it increases your visibility while building a positive brand image.

Though the coronavirus vaccine has become available, the illness’s impact on public health and behavior will likely last years. This is partly because, though the vaccine will protect recipients from becoming sick, individuals may still pass COVID-19 to others.

As a result, certain practices are bound to remain the norm for at least a little longer. One such practice recommended by the CDC is wearing a face mask while in public.

The good news is, you as a business can do your part to support public health and even benefit from doing so. By providing custom face masks to clients and potential customers, you can positively impact the pandemic while making a great marketing move.

How Face Masks Promote Public Health

First, let’s break down the role face masks have in public health. Unfortunately, the use of masks has been highly politicized, and there’s a lot of misinformation out there. The most important thing to know is that scientific and medical organizations, such as the CDC and WHO, recommend wearing a face mask as one of several measures to combat the coronavirus’s spread.

There are many types of face masks on the market, though most people use a cloth or surgical mask daily. While not as effective as the PPE used by medical professionals in their work, these masks do present a barrier to the virus. They can reduce transmission, especially when paired with other steps such as social distancing.

Reduce Transmission Virus Transmission Rates

A face mask’s primary purpose is to shield others from pathogens spread by cough or sneeze. It can offer some protection against breathing in these pathogens, though it’s not as effective in this regard.

If it doesn’t offer absolute protection against inhaling pathogens, is there a point in wearing a mask? There are several great reasons to cover your face when out and about. First, you may feel fine but have COVID-19. Many individuals never have symptoms, meaning they can pass on the virus without feeling ill. Wearing a mask even if you feel great is a way to protect the people you come into contact with.

There’s also research showing that when everyone wears a mask, the transmission rate drops significantly. This is because everyone has some protection against breathing in the virus and spreading it.

Promote Awareness

Masks are also a reminder that, while there’s hope on the horizon, we’re not out of the woods yet. Individuals may be feeling fatigued from constant vigilance and may be tempted to let down their guard. Seeing and wearing masks is a physical reminder that everyone still needs to do their part to combat this deadly virus.

Encourage Personal Responsibility

Wearing a mask is also a way to help individuals from a mental health standpoint. The pandemic can make us feel helpless, especially since it’s often coupled with economic struggles. Masks are something individuals can do to improve the situation and take back some of their power. While wearing a mask isn’t a quick fix for this complex, world-wide problem, it does give us something to take personal responsibility for and offers a way to contribute to the global fight against COVID-19.

Why Your Company Should Provide Face Masks

If your business isn’t part of the medical equipment industry, can you still provide face masks? The answer is a resounding “Yes.”
Many vendors, such as RushFlyers, can create custom face masks just like they would any other accessory. You can easily purchase masks in bulk, then distribute them in a variety of ways:

  • In swag bags
  • As a “thank you” for doing business
  • To employees who interact with customers

Most people aren’t going to turn down a free item, especially when useful.

Provide Personal Protective Equipment

PPE isn’t always easy to come by, especially in certain areas. By offering face coverings, you’re providing a good to customers who would otherwise have to purchase or make their protection. You can also ensure that the masks you’re providing are high-quality and fit well, two factors that impact their effectiveness.

Contribute To Public Health Efforts

Providing face masks is also a way your company can contribute to the larger fight against COVID-19. Not every business is able to manufacture medical supplies or provide resources to frontline workers; with the current economic strain, you may not be able to make large monetary donations, either. What you can do, however, is make more face masks available for the public.

Offer Environmentally Friendly Options

One-use face masks are cheap to buy but aren’t necessarily an environmentally friendly option. On the other hand, reusable masks can take the place of a hundred throwaways and still remain protective. Rather than tossing them after one outing, you can throw them in the washing machine to be thoroughly sanitized.

Reusable masks can also save individuals money. Rather than having to purchase a new box of masks every few weeks or months, they can rotate through a handful of reusable cloth face coverings. By providing these, you’re giving clients a sustainable PPE option.

How Your Business Can Benefit From Branded Face Masks

While providing these face coverings is a great way to contribute to the community, the public is not the only one who benefits. Ordering masks with your logo printed on the front can also impact your company. In fact, it can be an incredibly effective marketing strategy.

Associates Your Brand With Something Positive

During a crisis such as a pandemic, consumers are watching how businesses react. Are they taking advantage of the situation to make a quick buck? Or are they going above and beyond to support their community?

Providing free face masks may be a small gesture, but it can resonate with consumers on a personal level. Offering a badly needed good with no expectation of payment is an excellent way to show that your company cares about its customers. This goodwill can influence customers’ future purchases and may linger long after the virus is gone.

Provides a Big Effect for a Small Effort

Giving customers a tangible, useful item is a relatively simple strategy, but it offers a big payoff. For example, individuals will have a reminder of your company for months or even years, all for an expense that amounts to a few dollars per person.

Increases Brand Awareness

People put on face masks when they go out, which means your logo will be seen by dozens if not hundreds of people a day. That kind of exposure is incredibly valuable, especially if you’re a local business. Seeing a representation of your company plants a seed that may sprout the next time an individual needs the goods or services you provide.

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