If you learned your marketing tactics in a pre-digital world, there is good news for you. Although the focus in marketing in recent years has been on digital ads, social media, and other online delivery methods, classic marketing methods still have value and impact for businesses who want to reach a large customer base. When you approach your clients with a marketing plan, do not overlook the use of printed promotional materials as part of your marketing collateral. Using some tried and true techniques can make a more memorable impression on potential clients and customers, especially those that have become accustomed to being overwhelmed by digital marketing strategies.

Flyers and Printed Handouts

Printed flyers and handouts are classic promotional materials that can still be impactful when appropriately used, especially if your business is locally based. Your team can make connections while distributing information about your business. Unlike digital advertisements that can be completely ignored with the click of a button, associating a friendly face with a paper handout is more difficult to forget. Handing out flyers at events that align with your business message or adding informational brochures to giveaway bags at another business event can go a long way for business recognition.

Discount Coupons

Many coupons are now delivered by email or with a pop-up when a customer visits the company website. Digital coupons are so common, and some customers ignore them completely. Some customers prefer traditional communication with companies and do not want to provide an email address to gain access to discounts. Printing discount coupons to distribute to customers may seem like an old school method of marketing, but it is still an effective way to gain new customers or reward loyal ones. Coupons distributed through direct mail marketing have remained a consistently popular marketing technique.

Mail Marketing

When customers browse company websites, they often enter in contact information to receive discounts and future information about events. Unfortunately, when customers sign up for many email lists, they tend to ignore the emails over time, set up a filter to edit them out, or unsubscribe after receiving the initial information they were seeking. Instead, try using a combination of email information and mailers. By sending marketing information through the mail, your information is more likely to stand out than if it gets lost in a sea of emails. Older customers who do not spend a great deal of time online may prefer this classic marketing method because it is how they are accustomed to interacting with businesses. Printed catalogs still work well as a marketing tool for older customers, and younger customers can use them for browsing products they can later order online or purchase in person.

Signs and Banners

Nothing grabs potential customers’ attention like a bold sign or banner advertising your business. Signs and banners displayed outside of your place of business need to attract attention without creating a negative association with your brand. If you choose to make a large display, it will usually be the first impression you give to those passing by. You want to make sure you send a message that is on-brand for your company. The design should be appealing and eye-catching but also serves as a form of brand recognition, so your design team needs to make an extra effort on the front end.

Customer Loyalty Cards

One marketing goal is to recruit new businesses, but that does not mean loyal customers should be forgotten. Creating customer loyalty cards is one of the printed marketing tactics that can help bring repeat business back to your company. The concept of a loyalty card is simple. You distribute the card to a customer with the instruction to bring it back with each visit. With a purchase, the card can be stamped, or a hole can be punched. After a certain number of visits, the customer receives free items or discounts. By encouraging customers to return repeatedly, you can build a relationship and likely earn word-of-mouth marketing if the customer continues to have good experiences.

Branded Promotional Items

An exciting and fun way to connect with customers using classic printed marketing tactics is to get your logo printed on branded promotional items. Branded promotional items that are useful to customers serve the dual purpose of convenience and brand recognition. Customers feel appreciated when they receive free promotional items, and the marketing methods trickle down to others when your customers use your branded items in front of them. Using promotional marketing products is one of the easiest ways to passively advertise to individuals who may have never used your services before. In addition to the t-shirts, cups, and pens you often see, many affordable promotional items can be mass printed for you.

  • Calendars. Although many people use digital calendars, others still enjoy using paper calendars for scheduling. Since calendars are displayed all year, you will have continuous exposure. 
  • Bookmarks. Customers who enjoy reading will be reminded of your company whenever they crack open their latest book to pick up where they left off. 
  • Stickers. Stickers can be fun for decorating, and even your youngest customers will enjoy getting creative with stickers if you give them out during a visit to your business. 
  • Magnets. Magnets serve multiple purposes. If your business is in the healthcare industry, having contact information easily accessible can save patients time and effort. Magnets also serve a practical purpose when customers use them on a refrigerator or other metal surface to hold documents or pictures. 
  • Notepads. People are constantly taking notes, so why not remind them of your business whenever they write something down? By creating an item that is frequently used by customers, this can help them and market to them at the same time. 

Sponsorships and Events

Another solid marketing tool is to find events or causes that align with your brand and becoming a sponsor. Sponsoring an event creates an association between your company and the cause, so it is important to make sure you choose the cause wisely. If you are present during the event, you have the opportunity to meet potential clients and customers in person and begin to build a relationship. Some events allow you to set up a booth to highlight the goods or services your business provides. This is an excellent opportunity to bring promotional materials and giveaways to make a connection and build up your base.

Printed Marketing Products

When choosing a company to print your promotional marketing materials, it is important to find a reputable print and design business that checks off all of your marketing boxes. An ideal printing company should be able to help you during the design process by providing easy templates for fast design and additional services for customizations. After your designs are selected, the printer should be able to suggest the products and volumes that fit your goals. Once the product selection is completed, a quality product with a fast turnaround time at affordable prices makes the perfect working relationship. For eco-conscious customers, environmentally friendly practices are an added bonus. If you have a marketing project in mind and are looking for a company that meets all of your criteria, contact Rush Flyers. Their design and print teams will walk you through the process from start to finish and have your high-quality promotional materials ready for you in no time.