The Versatility of Stickers for Your Business Brand

Custom stickers, whether for product labels or another aspect of your business, are a dexterous marketing strategy. They come in a wide range of colors, shapes, and sizes, they can be customized to your color choice, logo, and text preferences, and they have multifaceted uses as:

  • Product labels
  • Company swag
  • Free marketing
  • Shipping labels
  • Window stickers
  • Informational pieces
  • Promotional items

Your Brand’s First Impression

Most people understand the importance of making an excellent first impression. In all facets of life, and business is no exception, a positive lasting impression sets you apart from others and sticks. What better way to “stick” with someone than to use stickers, which are long-lasting and relatively cheap? You can place them on virtually anything and use the space for different types of messaging.

One possibility is to come up with a catchy slogan on a bold colored sticker. People tend to remember short, catchy slogans printed boldly on a power color. Sayings can be powerful, inspirational, entertaining, or informational, depending on what you want to communicate and how your message aligns with your business brand. Whatever catchy slogan you wish to convey, just make sure it is unique and well-suited to your brand. 

Another use of stickers is for trade shows and events. Each of these on-road marketing events is generally known for distributing swag, and the best swag is useful and long-lasting. Pens have become ubiquitous to these types of events, so why no be different and try stickers? Try to create something that attendees might want to wear on their clothes to get everyone talking and want to know more about you. You can also easily incorporate stickers into your other marketing materials, such as brochures, flyers, and swag bags. 

Your Product’s First Impression

In Miami and elsewhere, the brand is everything, and word of mouth builds your social capital. A well-placed, useful product label or sticker on your product will get both your work and your brand noticed. Businesses often don’t think about their products as marketing tools in and of themselves, but they can be paired with the right custom sticker or label. With stickers being as affordable as they are, they are a significant investment in the versatility of marketing and their ease of use. 

A water bottle becomes an artistic display, a laptop the perfect billboard for your brand, and packaging a social statement, all with custom stickers. Generalized stickers can be useful in cross-marketing campaigns by utilizing them both on products and in literature so that you can stretch your marketing budget dollars. Does your company support the environment or another social cause? Use stickers to make that statement. Not only will your product and its packaging appeal to your target audience, but people can place your stickers on their items and appeal to the masses on your behalf. 

How Will Your Product Be Used?

People of all ages love stickers, which is why they appeal to all audiences. Don’t limit yourself to one type of sticker when you can use different adhesives for other things. If you have a brick and mortar shop, you may keep some stickers by the register to pass out to kids. If you have a shipping business, you might throw a sticker or two in with the packaging. If you want to make a social commentary, or have an image that synergizes with your business, make a sticker out of it! 

When it comes to product stickers, you will want to consider how your product will be used. For instance, indoor products require a specific type of adhesive that is standard. In contrast, outdoor products require a much different kind of sticker that will withstand the temperature changes and weather elements that vary over time. One of the benefits of stickers and product labels is that they are long-lasting, so you will want to ensure that no matter where your product is used and stored, the sticker will last and stand out. Let your customers become brand ambassadors for you, whether with their intentional or unintentional use and display of your custom product labels and stickers. 

Consider the packaging

If you manufacture or distribute multiple products with unique designs and packaging, you will want to factor this into your custom sticker design. The benefit of product labels and stickers is that they can usually be printed in custom shapes to complement the size and shape of the space on which they are displayed. Spend some time designing just the right sticker instead of buying rolls or sheets of stickers that may not synergize with your product and packaging options. 

When it comes to packaging, you have to consider the product package and the shipping package, especially if you have an eCommerce business. Small businesses that ship out of their office and sole entrepreneurs who use eCommerce platforms share by other individuals can personalize their brand and the customer experience with thoughtful packaging. 

Tip: include stickers on your shipping packages and colorful paper filler, notes of thanks or stickers inside the packaging leave a remarkable impression with customers. Branded packaging lets your customer know what awaits them as soon as they see the package on their front porch, while stickers in the packaging are a pleasant surprise and a nice bonus to their order. 

Select the Right Colors

Bright sticker colors can pop and make a statement; however, they can also be a distraction depending on where they are placed and what your messaging intends. Informational stickers should look different from promotional stickers. The color red usually indicates a warning and shouldn’t be used for an inspirational quote or natural product. Whatever you choose, make sure it works with your product and consider your brand colors. 

What Your Label Should Say

People like originality. Your sticker campaign should communicate your brand effectively and communicate your desired message to its audience. Be creative and have fun with the design process. There is no limit to what you can do so long as your stickers are:

A. Consistent and effective in communicating their intended message, and 

B. MEMORABLE (in a positive way)

What Brand Inspires You?

If you struggle to get going, you can do two things. 

  1. Think of brands that inspire you. Look at their messaging, their marketing, and their colors and think about why they are memorable to you. 
  2. Make use of an expert at Rush Flyers. Our designers can walk you through the process.

If you are looking for fast sticker printing and label printing, Rush Flyers can help. Get started now.

Featured Image: Shutterstock / Raftel