Key Takeaways:

  • Any online store will benefit from marketing using a selection of print-based media
  • Print on-demand materials are excellent for providing information to customers in online stores quickly and while building brand recognition
  • Designing sleek, stylish print materials helps make your brand look more professional

Taking your store into the online world may be one of the best things you can do as a small business owner. People often prefer to shop online in their free time, where they have more time to browse and have to spend less time fighting crowds and waiting in long lines. It’s a transition that many businesses have begun in the post-pandemic world and one that has tons of benefits for shops of all shapes, sizes, and varieties. You might think that one of the benefits of taking your shop into the digital world is the ability to cut back on your printing costs after you score the perfect domain name. However, the truth is that you’ll still need a number of printed materials to help drive sales and other aspects of your business after you open your online store. Take the time to research what kinds of print media you’ll need for your online store opening and how they’ll keep your business running strong.


Postcards are arguably some of the most versatile pieces of print media that a store can order. They’re small enough to fit into nearly any type of packaging for any order you’re sending but still large enough to serve as an individual mailer and to comfortably list vital information to your customers. Some great, effective use for simple postcards that have proven popular among online stores in the past include:

  • Invitations to physical stores
  • Announcements of new products or deals
  • Personalized thank-you messages for customers
  • Product information
  • Promotional offers, coupons, and discount codes

Simply put, a postcard is one of the best and easiest ways to create a personal link with the customers who will be shopping in your online store. With the easy availability of superior design services and pre-made design templates for beginners, creating the perfect postcard is a simple project for any business owner to connect with the community they serve.

Roll Labels

Brand recognition is a must, particularly when it comes to selling your products online. High-quality stickers can be purchased in large numbers in a rolled format and can be used to add a dash of your branding to your packaging without breaking the bank. Roll labels that bear your brand’s logo help to build a brand identity for small businesses working with a tight budget while building their online presence and may be used for a wide range of labeling or sealing purposes. Roll labels are cheap but can provide a dash of class to any packaging you’re sending out.

Unique Stickers

Roll label stickers are excellent, low-cost solutions to the challenge of creating brand identity in an online store, but investing in more expensive stickers and labels that are specially shaped can create a bigger overall impact. They’re excellent for brands with marketable logos or designs, and, better yet, even serve as a form of free promotion when happy customers choose to display them. Specialized stickers allow you to personalize the message, colors, design, and shape to create a marketable image that highlights what your brand has to offer, which is critical for attracting attention to your online presence.

Business Cards

There’s a reason that business cards have been a staple of company-customer connection for decades. They’re small, portable, and customizable, providing business owners with the space they need to provide customers with important contact information and customers a card small enough to carry with them as a reminder. When selling a product through online shops, business cards serve as a means of saying “thank you” and “stay in touch”. They can even be used creatively. For example, if you sell online jewelry, save space and materials by using business cards to hold earrings and other small accessories in place, or use one as a packaging insert with discount codes and other information printed on it. Business cards offer owners running an e-commerce website a chance to get creative in creating a connection with customers.


With the rise of online stores, the usefulness of booklets and catalogs are all too often overlooked. However, they remain highly useful tools for those who run online shops, especially those that sell collections of items such as clothing, jewelry, fragrances, and more. A catalog or booklet gives you the opportunity to truly tell the tale of both your brand and your products. Showcase the backstory of your new products alongside information about materials or usage, or give your customers a bit more insight into your brand’s values. While this may be information that’s already available on your website, shoppers are likely more invested in actually shopping than reading. Mailing a catalog to interested customers helps to solidify the connection between them and your business while sparking interest in new products and services.


Sometimes, your communication with customers will require more space than a business card or postcard can provide. In these instances, it’s useful to have full-color, personalized letterheads on hand. Whether it’s dealing with a customer service issue, providing information on a product or service, or anything else in between, a colorful, professional-looking letterhead sets the conversation off on the right foot by providing a sense of professionalism and creativity on the part of your business. A standard-sized letterhead is an excellent place to display your logo to build brand recognition and identity while opening important avenues of communication for your store.

Small Menus

Are you the owner of a restaurant that’s turning its focus to online ordering and delivery? You’re certainly not alone. Thousands of restaurants have felt the pinch of the pandemic and have begun offering loyal customers the opportunity to enjoy their favorite foods without leaving the house. Ensure your existing customers know their options and lure in new fans by sending out mini-menus with information on some of your business’s most popular items. While online ordering is a fairly new business model in the restaurant industry, it’s one way for small, locally-owned establishments to survive and even thrive during tough times by keeping them linked with their local customer base.

Professional Printing for High-Quality Results

Any online store will benefit from the correct utilization of print media, but the job has to get done right. Online stores should invest in getting their business prints done by a team of professionals at a print-on-demand business. Not only will the print quality be higher, but there may be an opportunity to work with a designer that can help get the message across beautifully and succinctly. If you’re looking at starting up an e-commerce platform for your business, work with Rush Flyers to get the marketing results you need and start making a crucial connection with your community of customers today. Contact Rush Flyers today to learn more about professional design opportunities, find pre-made templates and get fast, crisp, and vibrant prints of the pieces you need to keep your online store fresh in the minds of your customers.

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