Investing in customer appreciation isn’t just a smart move for your business, it’s a necessity for your success. Even though saying “thank you” might simply seem like the icing on the cake of quality customer service, showing your appreciation for customers can be the difference between standing out from the competition and fading into the crowd.

And yet, so few companies actually take the time to communicate a genuine “thank you” to customers – why is that? Often, it all comes down to the assumption that business gifts for customers are expensive, unnecessary, and time-consuming to come up with. But actually, finding great “thank you” gifts for customers can be quick and easy, delivering an impressive return on investment in the form of stronger relationships with happier customers.

What Makes for the Best Customer Appreciation Gifts?

There are plenty of ways to get creative with how you show customers you appreciate their business, but the most effective “thank you” gestures have a few things in common. Before you start browsing our ideas for appreciation gifts for customers, keep these key traits in mind for maximum success:

  • Meaningful and memorable. With a little bit of effort and some extra consideration, you can use thank you gifts as an opportunity to make a lasting impression on the customer. Don’t be afraid to think beyond the typical gifts and explore ideas that demonstrate your company’s level of thoughtfulness. Custom customer gifts, in particular, demonstrate the time and effort involved in creating a personalized gesture, which can really impress a customer.
  • Sincerity. Consumers of today are smarter than ever, making sincere gestures a must. Otherwise, your company risks coming off as inauthentic. Both the gift and the language used to communicate your appreciation should stay true to your brand.
  • Original. Sometimes, it seems like every company out there is handing out the same kinds of branded customer gifts. Try to inject your efforts with a little creativity to help your company stand out – don’t worry, we’ve put together a handy cheat sheet of original ideas below!
  • Budget-conscious. Of course, the best customer appreciation gifts are those that build loyalty while still being financially sustainable for your company. If you evaluate the long-term value of positive gestures compared to the lifetime value of a loyal customer, it can be easier to find a budget that’s both effective and comfortable.

10 Ways to Say “Thank You” to Current Customers

Now that you have some basic guidelines for showing your appreciation to customers, here are some useful ideas to help you get started. Equal parts practical, creative, and memorable, these suggestions for customer gifts offer options for every budget and situation.

1. Handwritten Thank-You Notes

A simple, handwritten thank you note can go a long way, especially in our digital age when a generic email tends to be the norm. Use a custom company letterhead to add an element of professionalism, then jot down a short (but thoughtful) thank you.

2. Package inserts

We’ve all experienced the pleasant surprise of opening up a package to discover an unexpected “thank you” from the company in the form of a package insert. Even a small item, such as a printed postcard note and a few fun stickers, can put a smile on a customer’s face.

3. Free gifts or product samples

A free sample is a dual-purpose gesture: not only does it show appreciation, but it can also spark the customer’s interest in making a future purchase from your company. If you ask us, that’s a definite win-win.

4. Post-purchase coupons and discounts

After a customer makes a purchase, your next move is to motivate future purchases. What better way to do that than with an exclusive discount offer for the next time they shop? You can pre-print postcards with a coupon code or offer details, then just drop one in every package before it heads out the door.

5. Branded merchandise

Virtually everybody can find a use for practical items such as pens, notepads, and magnets, and they’re relatively inexpensive for your company to personalize and purchase. Plus, branded gifts offer the additional benefit of getting your company name out into the world where more people can see it.

6. Customer loyalty programs

An excellent loyalty program balances enticing customer rewards with long-term profitability, giving you the best of both worlds. By rewarding customers for repeat purchases, you can set up a system that virtually sustains itself – all you have to do is reap the benefits of frequent shoppers and satisfied customers.

7. Customer features on your blog or social media

The value of a solid digital presence can never be underestimated, especially in our modern-day world. As it turns out, you can combine customer appreciation with your digital marketing strategy by featuring individual customers on your website blog or social platforms. Not only is this a fun – and free – way to express appreciation, but it also strengthens your overall brand identity.

8. Personalized gift baskets

For some businesses, such as realty agencies, the customer experience carries an extra amount of weight – and extends over a longer period of time. In these situations, a larger gesture like a gift basket may be appropriate. Be sure to include a note or card with your company information, so that the customer knows exactly where the thoughtful gift came from.

9. Plan a customer appreciation day

Why not host a special event centered around customer appreciation? Plan something in-person or do it digitally, then make sure customers actually have an incentive to participate. High-quality invitations and marketing materials can drum up interest in the event, paying off in the long run.

10. Invite – and implement! – customer feedback

Customers want to feel valued, and one of the most effective ways to do that is to encourage feedback. Of course, it’s equally important that you consider their suggestions, because otherwise you’ll come off insincere. Print up customer feedback cards that make it easy for them to send in their ideas, then take advantage of the opportunity to learn and grow from what they have to say.

Stock Up on Custom-Printed Materials to Show Customers You Care

One of our best tips for customer appreciation is to be prepared; that is, have a plan in place for how your company can regularly connect with customers to say “thank you.” Every company is unique, which means that there’s no single strategy that’s guaranteed to suit your goals – but as long as you’re aiming for authenticity, all will be well.

Once you have some ideas for customer appreciation, you’ll need the materials to bring your vision to life. That’s where Rush Flyers comes in, your trusted provider of custom-printed materials. We can create a broad range of items to fit your needs, ranging from personalized postcards for package inserts to custom company letterhead for thoughtful thank you letters. With your idea and our experience and top-quality products, your company can easily make customer appreciation a top priority.

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