When you host an event, you want to make sure attendees remember their experiences (and your company) long after it’s over. One way to stay at the forefront of guests’ minds is to offer a swag bag.

Swag bags have become a standard at conferences and conventions, though the quality of their contents varies. One of the worst things you can do as a host is offering cheap or useless items, as guests are likely to dispose of them, completely undermining the purpose of swag in the first place.

Instead, you want to offer a variety of useful, branded objects that guests can use after they’ve returned home. So what items fit the bill? Here are the top five conference swag options you should consider for 2021.

1. Face Masks

Although hope is on the horizon with the development of a vaccine, other mitigation such as social distancing and face masks aren’t likely to go away any time soon. This gives you the opportunity to provide reusable masks that not only remind people of your brand but show that you support public health.

Additionally, offering face masks in your swag bag may encourage individuals to responsibly use personal protective equipment during your event. Conveniently providing masks lowers the barrier for individuals who don’t have much free time for shopping, hopefully increasing the number of people who chose to use this PPE.

After the meeting, guests can wash and reuse these masks with your name and logo, further increasing your company’s visibility. Overall, branded face masks are a great way to do a good deed while advertising.

2. Stickers

Stickers are an excellent swag option for several reasons:

  • Relatively cheap to print
  • Small enough to allow room in the bag for multiple items
  • Adhesive nature allows them to be used on a variety of surfaces

If you make stickers visually interesting, guests are more likely to decorate their laptops, notebooks, and other everyday items. This increases the chance that others will see your brand months or even years after the conclusion of your event.

As you think about what stickers to include in your swag bag, remember that there are two different types: vinyl and crack-and-peel. Vinyl stickers are a little more durable but are generally more expensive. Crack-and-peel stickers are more affordable but don’t last as long as vinyl.

3. Calendars

A paper calendar is something most people find useful, which makes it a great swag choice. Since calendars contain the whole year but are made of paper, they offer a great deal of use without taking up too much space in the bag. Additionally, you’re practically guaranteed that guests will keep them a long time.

Customizing the calendar is also an excellent way to remind guests of your company while offering even more value. The key is to avoid making the calendar all about your brand — instead, appeal to attendees while dropping hints at your business. Choose beautiful imagery that aligns with your values and includes fun dates (such as National Donut Day or another applicable holiday) that directly relate to your industry.

4. Magnets

Magnets are another item that individuals use often, but don’t necessarily go out and buy. As a result, if you include a magnet in your swag bag, individuals are likely to hold onto it “just in case.” Smaller magnets can go on the fridge, where guests will encounter them for months or years after attending your event.

If you’re looking to appeal to a larger audience, you should consider car magnets. These can be applied to the bumper or trunk. They’re popular to personalize vehicles and are sure to be seen by a variety of drivers and pedestrians. The best part is that these magnets can be removed later, allowing individuals to easily replace them if they get damaged or move them to a different vehicle.


Lots of things have gone digital in the last decade, but printed books are still going strong. Bookmarks are an affordable way to stay in guests’ line of sight by offering something useful.

While not everyone reads for pleasure, you can encourage even non-readers to hold onto your bookmark by making the design appealing. There are many ways to accomplish this:

  • Beautiful artwork
  • Inspirational quotes
  • Fun facts

You can also extend the life of your bookmark and impress guests by making it with high-quality materials such as ultra-thick cardstock.

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