Flyers are a practical and economical way of getting your message out to those around you.  While a cheaper option than other advertising methods, if not done correctly the expenses can add up quickly while you wonder where the results are. By keeping in mind a few simple tips, you’ll be well on your way to crafting strong flyers in no time at all. 

1.     Focus on what’s important

A flyer is not the place for lengthy stories, product descriptions, or company mission statements.  Short, direct statements that present relevant information to your potential clientele help to deliver the message quickly, before you lose their attention. The first few seconds of engagement are critical, and it’s in these moments your message must find a home.   

2.    Be clever

By using your imagination or your sense of humor, you add a level of engagement with your material.  Humorous sayings and witty puns may help customers remember your flyer long after they’ve tucked it away.  It also helps add a personal touch to your message while telling people a bit more about you. 

3.    State the benefits

Listing the benefits to be gained by participating in the offer can work to entice and allure customers to your event.  Clear, concise benefits help a customer to decide why you are better than the rest.  It’s important to not overstate or exaggerate your offerings as this may lead to disappointed guests and unhappy customers. Conversely, under-stating the benefits may result in fewer leads making their way through your doors.

4.    Target your message

Knowing who you want to reach, and where, is essential when marketing with flyers.  Even the best flyer design becomes irrelevant when delivered to the wrong customer base.  Your message should appeal to those you need to reach and present in a manner familiar to them. 

5.    Proofread your flyer

A mistake in your marketing material can be embarrassing.  It can also lose you valuable business.  Errors in spelling, punctuation, and layout can signal a sloppy or poorly-managed operation and often lead consumers to second-guess an otherwise solid choice.  While honest mistakes do occur, proofreading your flyer before distribution can help to prevent damage to your hard-earned reputation. 

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