One purpose of effective marketing is to create a link between your company and potential clients, allowing them to get to know what your business is about, what makes you different, and why you’re the best choice. Business card printing is excellent for making an incredible first impression, but when it’s time to offer more information and continue to build a loyal customer base, another tool in your marketing arsenal shines brightly: brochures.

Why Brochures Are So Effective for Marketing

Professionally designed brochures are irresistible to clients, and offer many advantages that startups and established businesses depend on for success:

  • Colorful: Bright, bold colors are impossible to miss and extremely tempting to the eye.
  • Interactive: Simply put, many people prefer holding something in their hands while reading.
  • Sized perfectly: With enough room for four or five paragraphs, brochures allow you to explain why your services are important, how they benefit customers, and what they should do about it.
  • Flexible: Brochures are just as easy to distribute by hand as they are to place on an information desk.
  • Appealing: Multiple interested parties are likely to pick up the same brochure, increasing long-term advertising effectiveness.
  • Informative: Learning something helpful or interesting produces a positive effect on potential customers.
  • Cost-effective: Compared to other types of advertising, brochures offer excellent results for minimum cost.

Quality Is Everything

Like virtually everything in the world of marketing, paying attention to quality when choosing an online printing company makes a huge difference. At, we focus on exceptional quality and client satisfaction above all else. From the best materials to cutting-edge printing tools, our stunning brochures will leave your customers breathless.

  • Custom brochures: If requested, our expert design team works with you to create brochures that communicate your company’s message clearly and powerfully. We take your vision and make it happen.
  • Fold included: If you prefer having brochures entirely ready to go for an upcoming trade show or just for added convenience, we can take care of everything. Single fold, quarter fold, and tri-fold brochures all provide specific advantages to telling your company’s story.

Are you interested in testing a new marketing strategy before committing completely? That’s no problem with our convenient short-run brochures. And if you need detailed brochures ASAP, we also offer rush orders for nearly instantaneous delivery.

How to Create the Best Brochures

The greatest brochures often have some main qualities in common:

  • Beautiful
  • Informative
  • Bold
  • Engaging
  • Clear

Get Top Quality Brochures with Rush Flyers Today!

At Rush Flyers, our design professionals are happy to assist you in creating a brochure or print marketing campaign that meet those criteria – and your specifications – 100 percent. Contact us directly for assistance or get started