Printing Green

Rush Flyers recognizes the need to be a driving force for environmental awareness by pushing sustainability in all aspects of our day to day manufacturing. By establishing long term relationships with the most progressive paper, ink and equipment vendors in the industry, Rush Flyers makes it easy for you to print “GREEN”!

We’ve chosen to use soy & vegetable-based inks and many paper stocks containing 10-30% PCW Recycled content. Add one of our 100% biodegradable water-based coatings to your custom-printed project to give it a polished look.

Rush Flyers recycles approximately 20 Tons of Paper per week.

Despite a number of modern techniques and practices, the process of creating paper requires vast amounts of resources while producing an equally staggering amount of waste. As the long-term impacts of overharvesting, deforestation, and pollution are all very real considerations for the future, now more than ever, responsible printing companies are incorporating “green” or sustainable practices that look to reduce waste while limiting consumption

With a careful eye on our environmental impact, Rush Flyers is looking to the future as we develop and implement sustainable printing practices within our process. From our environmentally-friendly inks to our strict requirements for in-house recycling, the changes we make today will help to preserve valuable resources for generations to come.

What can you do?

The changes made by paper and printing companies can only go so far. As environmentally-conscious consumers, it’s necessary to carry on the tradition of change that accompanies sustainability. Whether your job is large or small, eco-friendly printing services allow you to show your support for the future in an authentic and meaningful way. By demanding eco-friendly printing, you’re also setting a positive example for those who look to you for guidance.

Inks and gloss coatings made from petroleum emit high concentrations of volatile organic chemicals as they dry and fade. When considering a custom printing job, it’s important to look for an online printing company that uses alternative soy or vegetable-based inks that contribute far fewer volatiles into the air while utilizing much cleaner production methods.

Full Color Offset Printing Inks

Rush Flyers does not use traditional, cheaper petroleum-based inks. Rush flyers uses soy and vegetable-based inks. Our ink contains more than 20% soybean oil and 100% solids. It is formulated without petroleum ink solvent, as well as having no volatile organic compound related problems, making it an environmentally-friendly choice.

Biodegradable Cleaning Solutions

Rush Flyers only uses 100% biodegradable, organic solvent for reclamation and breakdown, in place of cheaper, hazardous mineral spirits.

Recyclable Shipping Boxes

All Rush Flyers products are shipped in 100% recyclable, corrugated cardboard boxes.

Internal Recycling Program

Rush Flyers employees recycle plastic, styrofoam, aluminum, glass and paper products throughout the workday. An on-screen computer-based production system keeps employee paper usage to a minimum.

Facts About Paper and Paper Recycling

  • Recycled paper is made to the same standards as paper made from virgin pulp. In addition, recycled paper has features that make it more desirable than virgin paper, such as being more opaque, dense, and flexible.
  • Every ton of paper that is recycled saves 17 trees + 7,000 gallons of water + 4,200-kilowatt hours of energy + 410 gallons of fuel.
  • Every ton of recycled paper saves more than 3.3 cubic yards of landfill space.
  • By 2012, the paper industry’s goal is to recover 55% of all the paper Americans consume for recycling, which is approximately 55 million tons of paper.
  • More than 37% of the fiber used to make new paper products in the United States comes from recycled sources.
  • 86% (approximately 254 million) of Americans have access to curbside or drop-off paper recycling programs.
  • Nearly 218,000 tons of shredded paper is used each year for animal bedding.
  • In the U.S., more than one-third of the fiber used to make new paper products comes from recycled paper.

Why Rush Flyers?


Save money with the highest quality genuine offset printing at the lowest prices in the industry.


We can get your print job done. Standard turnaround times from 1-2 business days.


Rush Flyers makes an effort to provide eco-friendly printing services by using biodegradable and recyclable materials.