If you want to promote a company, event, or a special deal your business is offering, flyers are an excellent, cost-efficient tool. Eye-catching designs, bright colors, and useful information draw in clientele effectively, whether you are advertising a nightclub, church event, or new business. There are three categories of flyers that are beneficial for advertising. Club flyers, flyers, and short-run flyers each have numerous benefits for various promotion types. At RushFlyers.com, you can design unique flyers to help grow your business or draw people to a large event.

Flyers in a Rush

When you need professional, high-quality flyers to advertise a business or event, trust RushFlyers.com to provide you with vivid designs and flawless printing. Regardless of which type of flyer you need, shop with us for a professional product that meets all of your standards. Not only do we create flyers in a variety of sizes to meet your needs, but we also offer the following benefits.

  • We offer more than 2000 design templates to help you create the perfect flyer
  • We are affordable and provide weekly coupons
  • We use recycled paper and vegetable and soy-based ink to make our company green
  • We promise to meet any competitor’s advertised price
  • We offer fast, overnight shipping for expedited projects

Club Flyers

Club flyers are the way to go if you are advertising a concert, nightclub, or special event. Available in a vast array of sixes, this type of flyer features vivid colors and catchy slogans to draw attention to the event or nightclub. Because of its bright, colorful pictures, this eye-catching flyer is also an excellent tool for promoting special deals such as drink specials at a particular nightclub.


If you want to advertise a new business, a regular business flyer is a cost-efficient way to reach many potential clients. This type of flyer presents all of the important information about the business or event, and it may utilize brightly colored cardstock or a unique graphic to stand out. These flyers can come in many sizes, from small to poster-sized.

Short Run Flyers

Short-run flyers are an excellent way to advertise a special deal, promotion, or event. This type of flyer is often more cost-efficient since it uses digital printing instead of offset printing. Another benefit to short-run flyers is that they can be printed in smaller amounts, so there is no need to purchase more than you need in an effort to make printing more economical.

If you want to find a professional online printing company, RushFlyers.com is the place to go for all of your digital needs. If you are interested in flyer printing, order yours online today or contact us.