Business cards are a great way to advertise your business. Not only do business cards give potential clients an idea of what your company does, but they also provide a tactile reminder for when customers need your services. Because business cards play such an important role in networking with clients, they are essential to your company. Keep these five design elements and tips in mind to design clever business cards.


You want your business card to stand out, and one way to ensure it does is by utilizing color effectively. Top business cards reflect the essence of the companies they represent. Color plays an important role by giving potential clients a critical first impression of a business. Bold, vivid colors represent creative and artistic companies well, while neutral tones are typically more effective for formal, straightforward businesses.


The type of font you use on your business cards also has a significant impact on your business card because it highlights the type of business you are in. Elegant script fonts may be more effective for luxury designers and jewelry, while simple fonts represent financial companies and real estate agents well.


If your card has a dual-use instead of being solely a networking tool, clients are less likely to toss it in the trash or the recycle bin. Consider printing a calendar, recipe, or appointment reminder on the back of the card. Adding a magnetic strip to the back of your card to create a magnet is another effective way to make your business card useful.


Most business cards are printed on cardstock. If you are interested in making one that stands out, consider using different materials or using a die-cut to create unique cutouts and designs. Adding a foil finish or printing the card on metal, slate, or wood can also add a tactile element to your card and make it more memorable.


While most business cards are designed horizontally with a logo and font, you may consider using a more creative approach. Utilizing a vertical design with a creative layout could be an effective marketing tool to make your card stand out from its competitors.

If you are interested in how to make your own business cards, paying close attention to the five elements listed above could help you design a creative, effective business card that helps your company stand out from its competitors. Contact Rush Flyers today to get started on designing the perfect card to grow your company.