Marketing for a business involves many pathways, including getting the word out in unique and creative ways. Connecting with a larger audience is the goal for most businesses, and finding ways to promote your company to local clientele can help keep you in good local standing for the long term. Most companies use a variety of digital and printed resources to find a connection, including direct mail postcards or other types of postcard marketing. If your local area holds outdoor vents or festivals, using business postcards, flyers, or other printed materials can help you find new clients and reconnect with current ones to continue to build relationships.

Find Your Perfect Audience

Once you have decided to add event marketing to your business plan, one of the first steps in the process is to determine your target audience. Your target demographics should already be built into your marketing plan if you have a structured one, so you can use the same information to find that demographic locally. Try to get inside the head of your typical customers and think about how they are likely spending their time and what types of events they would likely attend.

If your business is in the food and beverage industry or in certain types of retail, the number of local events that you could choose to partner with for marketing purposes is large. If you have a narrower customer target, such as pet owners, parents, or another niche, you will need to do a little more research into the events that draw in your audience.

Hunt for Previously Successful Events in Your Niche

Once you have narrowed down the customers you are trying to reach, you will need to find the events they want to attend. Even if you find some events, make sure you do some research into the history to see if the event has been successful in the past.

Since event marketing usually involves freebies and marketing materials, you want to align yourself with one that has a large enough turnout to justify your marketing costs. Another consideration is the local turnout versus out-of-town visitors.

If your business serves only the local community and the event is mainly attended by those from out of town, it wouldn’t make sense to expend your resources there. Doing a little research on the front end before committing to a particular event can save you the trouble of a disappointing return on your investment.

Decide How to Connect with Attendees

You know who you want to reach and have researched when and where the events that target your audience will occur. Next, you will need to decide how you want to connect with your customers. Your method of connection depends on your type of business, as well as the type of event you are attending.

Printed materials are an important part of your marketing since regardless of the type of interaction you have with attendees, you need to let them know who you are and how to reach you for repeat business.

It’s important to find a printing service with a fast turnaround time in case you find an event that is coming up soon but make sure the products are high quality so you can give a great first impression.

Giveaways and freebies

Giving away products, samples, services, free consultations, or coupons is an easy way to find new customers at local events or festivals. Have materials printed with your logo to attach to items or have customized items created just for the event that will help remind your new potential customers of the connection

Look for Event Sponsors

Sometimes one of the biggest ways to make an impact is to become one of the event sponsors. Your name will be included in event promotions sent out by the organizer, plus it will give you a talking point when meeting new customers on the event day. If the event is one that you want people to associate with your service or product in the future, tying your name to it monetarily can make the association more memorable to attendees.

Consider a Booth to Sell at Your Event

Renting a booth to sell your product at a street festival or fair can help give new customers their first taste of the variety of products you offer. You can also use printed materials with every sale to invite customers to visit your place of business, potentially with a discount for following up. Choosing to rent a booth and sell at an event is a way to recuperate some of the marketing material expenses.

Hold a contest or raffle

Raffling off goods or services is a good way to draw potential customers to the event, bring them to your location at the event, and keep in touch with them after the event is over.

Get Involved with Event Promotion

If you have tied yourself to a local event and have determined what kind of involvement you are going to have, you can help your own business as well as the event itself through event promotion.

Using social media accounts, printed flyers, or business postcards giving the event details, you can let your current customers know where to find you and help you through word of mouth marketing. If you donated your business space to an event, promoting the partnership is even more critical because it will bring traffic directly into your venue.

In the weeks leading up to the outdoor festival or event, add flyers to your shopping bags or hand smaller postcards out to customers who visit you. You can also add information about the event to your company website so individuals who receive the flyers can reference the website for more information if needed.

Keep in Touch With Any Contacts You Make

If you passed out postcard marketing materials or other types of promotional items, make sure you let the new customers know how to find your place of business or how to contact you in the future. A raffle or contest held during the event or festival can yield a list of potential customers that you can send direct mail postcards offering incentives or discounts for a visit to your business.

If anyone asked for specific information during the event, taking a moment to make a notation and then follow up later to show sincerity and follow-through. While attending the event, the best thing you can do is make a good enough impression on the individuals you meet to show that your business stands out as a memorable one.

Get Quality Printed Materials for Your Event at Rush Flyers!

Adding an event marketing plan for your overall business plan can help you make and keep vital community connections. By connecting with the right customer base at the right events using a meaningful method, then following up later with the new contacts you have made, marketing at events can help you promote your business successfully.

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