An eye-catching and professional business card is an important part of marketing and promotion. During the design process, the decisions you make about formatting, images, and orientation make a difference in how your business is perceived by those who receive a card. When you use a professional printing company for your business cards, one feature many business owners need to take into consideration is ordering matte vs. glossy business cards. Both matte and glossy cards can be printed on high-quality cardstock, but the differences lie in the way the products are finished. Although the difference between glossy and matte cards may seem like a small decision, there are benefits and disadvantages to either choice that is important to note.

Glossy Business Cards

Traditionally, business cards have been printed with a glossy finish. A glossy finish is smooth to the touch and appears shiny and polished when light reflects off of the surface. There are many advantages to glossy business cards, making them a popular choice for nearly any industry.

  • Durability. If produced under high-quality conditions, glossy business cards are one of the most durable options on the market. Thick cardstock and layers of coating and polish help ensure that your card will hold up under movement and exchanges. These cards are less likely to peel and bend at the edges and are more resistant to stains or other damage.
  • Color saturation. A major advantage of choosing glossy business cards is the high saturation level of the colors in the final product. Glossy finish allows for bold and brilliant colors and can make your card really pop. If you have brightly colored logos or photos included on your card design, a glossy finish is your best bet for showing them off.
  • Protection. Cards with a glossy finish often have the option for additional protection, such as extra polish and UV protection.

Although glossy business cards remain one of the most common choices, there are a few disadvantages. Some consider the glossy card to be outdated, whereas a matte look is more modern. A glossy finish can make the text more difficult to read, so a text-heavy card may not translate well with a glossy finish. Fingerprints also show up on glossy cards, which can make it difficult to read after exchanging hands a few times. Glossy cards are so popular they are often printed at low quality, so to avoid a poorly-made look, make sure you work with a company that produces high-quality products.

Matte Business Cards

A matte business card is constructed with the same high-quality cardstock as a glossy one but is finished without the extra polishing, so it does not have a reflective surface. Many modern business card designs have a matte finish in mind. Some professions, such as those in the military, accounting, information technology, and law, tend to prefer a matte business card look due to the subdued and clean look. Business cards with dark background colors and text-heavy designs are generally more aesthetically pleasing with a matte finish than a glossy one. Matte business cards are less durable and more pricey than their glossy counterparts, but a high-quality product can showcase your business in a streamlined and sleek way.

Order Your Business Cards

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