Correspondence is one of the most valuable ways you connect with potential clients and customers in your business. Whether you’re sending important company info, promotional memos, or seasonal good wishes, it’s important to showcase your brand in an iconic, professional manner. Your letterhead design is often the first thing recipients see, and it should make a stunning first impression.

In the course of developing your letterhead, remember that in addition to looking sleek, it needs to convey a certain amount of information. Consider how you’ll incorporate key facts of your business into the design:

  • Company name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Website

With all these details in mind, you can choose a style that best suits the vibe you want to give off for your company culture. Check out these stylistic themes that embody the graphic trends of 2019.

Professional Minimalism

Most people might assume that simplicity is boring, but with the right touch, minimalist design can be elegant and classy. If you’re looking to reach a more sophisticated clientele, consider neutral font colors and perhaps a logo or frame to add a custom polish.

Appropriate Imagery

Your branding is the obvious choice when it comes to imagery, but you don’t have to limit yourself to only using a logo. For example, a pet business may choose to incorporate playful details like paws, dog bones, or cat whiskers. These images might be absent from the logo but may add personality to your mailers.

Creative Layout

Though letterhead placement is typically at the very top of the page, it’s common these days to mix it up. You can ground the document nicely with a graphic pop along the bottom, or even down the left or right margin.

Vintage Charm

If your organization embraces a retro or vintage sensibility, your letterhead can make a major impact by incorporating old-fashioned details and aged effects. Elements that once seemed dated have come full circle with the help of innovative designers and high-quality image filters.

Abstract Design

A popular aspect of modern design is abstract art. You can create vivid backgrounds for your letterhead with both fluid and geometric shapes in various colors. The movement and sharp edges create interest without committing to specific images. You might even consider a faded version of your design to act as a backdrop to the contents of the document.

Bold Color

Since the contents of the letter itself are likely to be black and white, your letterhead is your opportunity to embrace color. You might choose to replicate your company colors exactly, but you can also go outside the box. Add tonal variations or bold accent colors to project a contemporary style.

Dynamic Frame

A frame around the page puts your content in the spotlight. Borders don’t have to be basic lines, however. You can use blocks of color or brand-appropriate patterns. Frames can extend to all four sides or cut across either the top and bottom or left and right.

Personalized Elements

If your brand is represented by a specific person or figurehead, you might incorporate this individual into the letterhead. An actual photograph or artful portrait paired with a quote concerning the company’s mission adds a personal touch that connects instantly with an audience.

Are you unsure which direction to take with your letterhead? The creative team at can help you pinpoint the perfect style for your business, and we’ll execute the design with flawless integrity. Contact us today for custom letterhead printing that can make your business soar.